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Supporting Irish agrifood

Supporting Ireland’s agrifood sector is central to our business.

We are a significant contributor to the Irish economy and the development of the Irish food and agriculture sectors through our support of Irish suppliers.

Recent research by Indecon International Economic Consultants shows that Tesco works with 490 food and drink companies around Ireland, and almost 14,000 farm families

Indecon estimates that almost three-quarters of our 490 Irish suppliers are small and medium enterprises, with fewer than 250 employees.

Indecon’s analysis also shows that the overall economic impact of Tesco’s expenditure in Ireland is €2.92 billion, delivering a total of €1.79 billion to Ireland’s GDP

The research also shows that Tesco buys €1.6 billion on Irish food and drink annually, more than the value of Irish food and drink exported to any country in the European Union. This includes over €900 million in exports.

We are committed to sustainable practices within our business operations. All of the fresh chicken, beef, pork and lamb that Tesco Ireland sells is 100% Irish. 

Caged Hens

Working with supplier partners, Tesco Ireland has committed to stop sourcing shell eggs from caged hens, moving to alternative sourcing methods, such as barns, free range and organic, before 2025.

During the transition, Tesco Ireland and its supplier partners will continue to maintain established and stringent standards for all its egg producers.